Quriobot subscriptions

Quriobot offers different subscription flavors to perfectly fit your needs:

  • Free offers all the amazing Quriobot features, allows multiple bots, and has a chat limit of 500 chats per month and, of course, costs you exactly € 0,00 per month, or per year if you like ;)
  • Business does the same with awesome features but allows our branding to be removed and offers support via Email. The different Business packages each have different limits and different prices accordingly.
  • Business Plus has all that Business plus in addition, it has a Twitter bot channel. It has the same set of chat packages.
  • Agency is tailored for the agency partners who implement bots for their clients. Please read about it more here.
  • Enterprise if you know that Quriobot will solve your problems, and it will, but have far-reaching (API) integration needs, custom design wishes, or different (integrated) reporting needs we have the right Enterprise solution for you!

Note: If you have different needs or cannot choose the right Business chat package then please contact us directly!

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