Quriobot Referral system

Quriobot offers:

  • 10% referral kickback
  • 10% referred party discount

This means that the new referred party will get a 10% discount on their paid subscription and you as a referring party will get a recurring 10% kickback for as long as the referred party has a paid subscription and pays the bills. The kickback is calculated based on the paid invoice.

To enable the referral mode you will need to use the special referral link from your account shown in the Billing -> Dashboard:

When you have spread the link via the media of your liking and people click your link they will be transferred to our Quriobot homepage, and a cookie will be set to remember your referral. If the referred party signs up for a paid account you will be eligible for a kickback.*

*A minimum payment amount of 100 EUR applies. The out payments will be done on the provided payment details.

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