Quriobot for your agency

With Quriobot for your agency, you get

  • One main organization account and multiple client accounts
  • You can Invite members to these organizations, with the following levels of control:
    • Administrators: everything you can do, but only in that specific organization account for your client.
    • Editors: almost everything an administrator can, but only in the organization account they were invited to, not able to manage members and access billing,
    • Agents: this role is meant for the support agents that work with the native live chats from the customers,
    • Read-only: with this status, users can only view all the bots and their statistics in that specific organization’s account.

All types of users will always see all bots within an organization.

  • Each organization has its own subscription plan. You can choose to set up payments per account or connect them to your main account for consolidated billing.
  • You can share (white-labeled) reports per bot with your clients via a unique link.
  • You can customize the domain of the Bot Embed Code as well as the Control Room,
  • Access to a generalized domain for further white-labeling the solution.
  • You can replace the Quriobot Support URL (Quriobot Academy) with your own:

Agency pricing model

When using the agency model you get access to our discounted pricing for your client organization accounts.

This is based on the subscription you choose for that client account:

Business planBusiness planBusiness planBusiness planBusiness plan
1.000 chats per month2.500 chats per month5.000 chats per month10.000 chats per monthUnlimited chats/month
Discount of 50%Discount of 50%Discount of 50%Discount of 50%Discount of 50%
6.50 €13.50 €24.5 €42.50 €71.50 €

Frequently asked questions:

  • How do I add new organizations? Explained here.
  • How do I add additional users to an organization? Explained here.
  • How do I set up consolidated billing for my client organizations? Explained here.
  • How white-labeled are the shareable reports? Explained here.
  • And what if I want to invite other agencies/companies? Is there a referral system? Explained here.
  • Can’t I create new bots for them from my own account? You’re only allowed to use your main organization for the bots used for your organization, not your clients. For your clients, you need to create sub-organizations with separate subscriptions using the Agency pricing model.

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