Organizations and sub-organizations, what is the difference?

The Organization is essentially an account that can contain bots and members.

This is similar to Github or other services.

Each sub-organization has its own billing and contact details, branding, etc.

Each organization and sub-organization can have multiple bots and multiple members.

Every organization and sub-organization member can see all the bots within the organization, there’s no per-bot access limitation.

Every Quriobot account can be a member of several organizations or sub-organizations

Your main organization can have multiple sub-organizations.

Each organization and sub-organization has its own plan.

So what is the difference between an organization and a sub-organization?

The only difference is the Referrer setting value for the sub-organization which points to the main organization.

This allows the Billing system to correctly calculate the billing for the Referral system discount Agency plan and the Consolidated billing.

We needed some proof of the reference between the organizations hence this Referrer setting.

As can be seen in the diagram, organizations share nothing except (optionally) the Quriobot users, but each Quriobot user can be a member with a different role.

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