How do I add a (sub)-organization?

Each Quriobot account can be a member of more than just one organization.

This is especially useful for professionals who manage bots for several clients but want to keep proper bot access separation.

The roles that are supported (configured per organization):

  • Read-only member - can only see the bots and results, but can’t change anything
  • Editor member - can manage bots and read organizational information
  • Administrator - what an Editor member can do  + has access to a billing management

Note: When registering a Quriobot Control Room account, an Organization for this account is created automatically, and that account is given Administrator role.

Creating an additional organization

Step 1: To create an additional organization, use the menu Organization -> Organizations:

Step 2: You’ll see the list of the organizations you’re a member and which role you have there as well. Click Add Organization

Step 3: Fill the details and continue! your Organization will now be created and a Free plan will be assigned as your subscription.

Note: Choose your organization as REFERRER if you want to track your referrals and stack the voucher codes.

Note: Choose your organization as PAYER if you want your organization to pay the bills for this new organization.

You can then upgrade it to any plan you need using it’s billing dashboard.

That’s it!

So, how about switching the current organization

As you can be a member of multiple organizations, you’ll need to switch between them, you can do it via:

Clicking on the Organization icon you can select one of your organizations to switch to it

Deleting the organization

To delete the organization, please follow the link.

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