Is my data safely stored?

Data storage

With Quriobot you have the freedom to choose where and how data will be stored. By default, all collected data is stored on our secure servers with the main benefit that this can then be represented in our back office (Control Room) in our reporting. Quriobot has its secured servers set up with AWS in Ireland which is fully EU Data Protection compliant:

Don’t want to store personal data with us?

We understand that you don’t always want to store everything with us, for example, personal data from your clients. That’s why we offer you the possibility to send this data straight back to your own servers without it being stored on our side and as soon as the Quriobot is completed or the browser session ends (whatever comes first) the data is gone.

 Technical Description of Quriobot

Quriobot uses AWS RDS (MySQL) service for storage. It is set up inside of the VPC (isolated network), which is only directly accessible within the internal services of ours). When a response is sent to our response API endpoint, response API calls internal data API service, which, by our hardening standards, is the only service that has direct access to the database.

Response data is inserted into a single table (potentially sharded into several databases or tables) as one record per response in the database table. Response data is stored as a single JSON value which allows further data processing without any potential data loss during the saving phase.

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