Do you want to connect Quriobot to that awesome service of Mattermost? We support that!!

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It's a combination of creating an incoming webhook and using the created Webhook URL in the Quriobot Control Room in the response connection, together with the Bot Variables (read at the bottom on how to pass data to your webhook!)

  1. Follow the admin guide to create the Mattermost incoming webhook endpoint. It’ll look something like this:
  2. Log in to your Quriobot account, select your bot and do to the Connections & Notifications tab -> Response connections and add Response Action and select JSON Webhook in the dropdown for the Response action types
  3. Insert previously copied Webhook URL into the URL field
  4. See the bottom of this page on how to use your own Variables in the JSON body, but just adding the following is enough for this test and click Save!
    1. {
          "channel": "quriobot",
          "props": {
              "chatTranscriptURL": "{{chatTranscriptURL}}",
              "card": "Name: {{Name}}\n\nEmail: {{Email}}\n\nTelephone: {{Telephone}}"
          "text": "{{chatTranscriptMarkdown}}"
      Please note that here we use Name, Email, and Telephone variables, but those are completely optional, you can have any text used in the card, as well as in text
  5. To test the connection go to your bot by clicking on Preview (and as there are no advanced conditions on when this Response connection should be triggered it will be triggered every time a bot is completed).
  6. Now go to your Mattermost server to see if the webhook was caught!
  7. Learn more about Mattermoost incoming webhooks here
  8. Great success! So now you have set up the connection of Quriobot to Mattermost

That's it! Have fun connecting Quriobot to the rest of the world!

Date step type answers format

If you use date step type answers in the Zapier payload, for easier parsing of the date you can use the 'value' Variable syntax:


This way it will be in ISO date format which is parsed in a stable way. 

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