The Organization is essentially an account which can contain bots and members.

This is similar to Github or other services.

Each organization has its own billing and contact details, branding etc.

You can serve your clients from just one organization but keep in mind that the members of the organization see all its content.

It's recommended to have separate organizations for the clients.

Each organization and sub-organization can have an unlimited number of bots and unlimited number of members.

Every organization and sub-organization member can see all the bots within the organization, there's no per-bot access limitation.

Every Quriobot account can be a member of several organizations or sub-organizations

Your main organization can have an unlimited number of sub-organizations.

Each organization and sub-organization has its own plan. With the deal you can unlock unlimited chats for the sub-organization if your main organization has the unlimited chats per month (5 codes stacked)

If your main organization has unlimited already (stacked 5 codes), for each of the sub-organization to have unlimited chats you'd need to redeem just one code.

If you run an agency

You can serve your clients with just one unlimited organization. In this case, you will not make those clients members of your organization but instead, provide them a shareable reporting links

If you'd like to give your clients edit permissions to manage their bots, you can create sub-organizations for each client and redeem vouchers on them to unlock unlimited.

there are essentially two scenarios (but they can be also combined depending on the client):

- you manage your clients' bots fully yourself and only give your clients shareable reporting (using unique link per bot). For this, you can have just one organization.

- your clients would like to be able to manage their bots as well. For this, you will need to have a separate organization per such client, otherwise, they'll see the bots from the other clients.

Can I stack the codes from the Appsumo 2018 campaign? 

Yes, the codes you have redeemed (or not yet redeemed) from the Appsumo 2018 campaign are counted the same as from the 2019 campaign. You can buy additional codes to increase the package or unlock unlimited for the main organization or sub-organizations. 

How to redeem a voucher for the main organization (up to 5 codes):

Step 1. Redeem UP TO 5 codes in the organization billing:

How to redeem vouchers to the sub-organizations to unlock unlimited if the main organization has unlimited already:

Step 1. Add sub-organization, selecting the main organization as referrer:

Step 2. Redeem ONE code in the sub-organization billing: