In the Quriobot Control Room you have two different options for editing your bots:

  1. The visual bot builder (the default for all new bots)
  2. The list view (default for all bots created before 2019) 

Which one to choose depends on your personal preference, but you can, of course, switch at all times!

1. Visual bot builder: the Visual bot builder shows all steps in a grid with the connections between all steps as lines. 

Good to know:

  • At the bottom are two options: Auto-distribute flow  which will place all the Steps in the default positions. Zoom-to-fit (blue button) will zoom to such level that all steps are visible. Use the (+) to Zoom in and (-) to Zoom out the picture until the desired portion is displayed.
  • The selected Step (Step 3 in the image above) will be highlighted with blue color
  • You can flip, edit or delete each step using a relevant button 

  • You can close the Step edit screen by clicking on the orange cross (and re-open by clicking that same button)

Following your Steps

  • When you move your mouse on top (hover) of any Step or line in the flow diagram a popup will show how the connection is working (and moving) from Answer option to the Next Step 
  • You can also grab each Step and move it somewhere else (after clicking the Save button, those positions will be remembered.
  • To add new steps you have to click the green button «+»

  • Exits, redirects and restarts will be displayed separately (and with an orange color)

2. List view: Choosing the List view gives you a straight forward overview of all your Steps in a list. 

  • You can drag & drop the steps in the list. 

  • To change current step name, click the «Edit» button on the parameters bar 

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