To make Quriobot sensitive to the time of day and subsequently program your bot to have different responses or jumps based on the time of day just follow these steps:

Note: you can see a demo bot here

We will make use of the Script variables.

Step 0: enable developer mode 

Step 1: create a script variable named greeting:

function(callback, variables) {
  var hourNow = quriobot.moment().hour()
  if (typeof variables.userTimezone.value !== "undefined") {
      hourNow = quriobot.moment().utc().utcOffset(parseFloat(variables.userTimezone.value)).hour();
  var greeting;
  if (hourNow >= 18) {
    greeting = 'Good evening!';
  } else if (hourNow >= 12) {
    greeting = 'Good afternoon!';
  } else if (hourNow >= 6) {
    greeting = 'Good morning!';
  } else if (hourNow >= 0) {
    greeting = 'Good night!';
  } else {
    greeting = 'Welcome!';

In the above code the function "today.getHours()" is used, which gives the hour of the day (24 hour). After that I made a split of three parts of the day in order to be able to respond and jump based on that, but also use it as a message. If you want to use different timeframes or settings please visit this page for more options and information

Step 2: You can now use the above-created solution by using {{greeting}} in your bot. So if you want to use the as a chat message, bot response message, response connections, just use it like this:

Step 3: So how about making the bot start on different Steps based on this function? If you want that you will need to capture the {%api.greeting%} in a GoTo Step otherwise you cannot use the advanced conditions used for those different Steps.

  • Add a GoTo Step to the top of your list and add {{greeting}} as a value there:
    Note: After passing Step 1 in the bot it will contain the value of the strings from the script variable created above. 
  • You could already use the responses of this GoTo step to make different jumps but in this example I first jumped to Step 2 where, in the Responses I created the advanced conditions for different jumps
    • Add a response (and depending on the Step type, choose an Answer option (in this case "Yes")
    • Switch on the Advanced Conditions
    • Set up the rules. In this case I configured that based on the strings I set in the Advanced Initialization (see above) so I can now, for example, say Step 1 contains "morning"
    • Configure the jump (in this case it Jumps to Step 3 it it contains "morning, Step 4 if it contains "Afternoon" and Step 5 if it contains "Evening")

That's it! A bot that jumps to (and thus can also start on) different Steps in your bot based on the time of day!


A big thank you to Libardo Barreto who first came up with this solution!

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