You can force the bot language (if your bot is configured with that language) using the following widget code (which goes into the HTML of your web page):


Note: you can do the same thing when iFraming the Quriobot or on the Quriobot Landing Page by simply adding ?lang=de-de at the end of the URL

Did you notice the lang parameter which you can set manually? In this example it is the German language. 

List of supported locales (languages) can be found here.

In some cases or frameworks, the target language is not known at the time of the html rendering but later after the page is loaded.

For example, bablic website translation service allows to get the taget language using its JS API like this:


To make quriobot in sync with the target language of the website, you can embed the quriobot code dynamically and forcing the language, by putting such tag before closing </body>:

<script type="text/javascript">
document.addEventListener('bablicdone',function() {
var QBa;
QBa.async = 'async';
QBa.defer = 'defer';
QBa.src="" + bablic.targetLocale.iso.toLocaleLowerCase();

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