Over the past couple of days we’ve received questions, comments and remarks about running a lifetime deal on Stacksocial first and shortly after on Appsumo.

This statement is meant to provide the necessary clarity on why we’re doing this.

First and foremost some clarity on why we do LTD's right now: running deals like this provides companies like ours with the opportunity to bring their product to your attention and to rapidly grow a user base. Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s very expensive and difficult to do this completely on our own. If you’re in the early stage of a business, you run an LTD as a matter of jumpstarting it.

That is what we’re currently doing and that brings us to the actual deals / promotional offers over the past period of time:

A few months ago we reached out to both Appsumo as well as Stacksocial to do a promotional offer with Quriobot but only heard back from Stacksocial.

We decided to run a deal with them which ended on the 3rd of September 2018.

Although we were able to attract a lot of new users and obtain new customers from all over the world, the growth was not as big as we wanted it to be.

So we decided to knock on Appsumo’s door for a second time to see whether we could do a deal after the 3rd of September.

Appsumo agreed but - and this makes sense - the deal needed to be better than the one we did before.

This is absolutely reasonable: Appsumo wants to provide their Sumolings the best possible deal out there. Clear from the beginning. If you’re not willing to do this as business, there is no need to knock on Appsumo’s door.

So we decided to make the deal better in two ways:

  • It was made $ 10 cheaper than the Stacksocial deal
  • When buying 5 codes, the possibility of unlimited chats for that specific organization would be unlocked

And that is where we are right now. It’s as simple as that.

We understand that it might be surprising to see a deal somewhere in week 1 and see a sharper deal somewhere in week 2.

This is how the world works.

If you however feel like we’ve done you wrong you can always send us an email on support@quriobot.com.

We’ll reply as soon as we can and we’ll make sure you’ll always remain a happy customer.

Please know that we appreciate every single one who is willing to put money (and their trust!) in the products we build.
And we will keep on doing this.