If you need your bot to `follow` the user when it redirects the user to a different page, you can follow these steps:

  • Enable Store the state of the bot in the Bot settings —> Behaviour and disable Prevent exit the page
  • Enable 'developer mode':

  • Create a response for a step with `script` as the message type:
    • Put in the following:

function() {
   var url = "https://example.com/other-page"
   if (window.location.href != url) {

The bot will then continue where you left it on the previous page!

If you want the user to make a choice between continuing the chat or starting with a fresh chat you can add the Return Step time, which will give the user a Yes/No question to continue or refresh.

NOTE: storing of the state is disabled in the preview mode for easier debugging

The expiration time of the conversation is set to 1 hour.

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