We tried to make the ordering process of Quriobot as easy and intuitive as possible, but hopefully this page if you have questions about that process regardless.

  1. It starts with choosing the right package for you and a monthly or yearly payment frequency (if you choose annual payments you get one month for free!) and clicking Next on the top right
  2. On the next step, you add your Company Details. Please keep in mind to add a correct Tax Identification Number if you are a business so you can handle your sales taxes in your local country. Als add a correct finance e-mail address as that's where we will send invoices to.
  3. Add and choose your payment method and then continue by clicking Next on the top right
    • Note: We will first do a 0,01 cent mandate payment to cross check if the payment method works correctly. 
  4. Last step is accepting you have entered correctly and agree to the terms of the order and then Checkout!
  5. That's it! Enjoy Quriobot!!

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