The 'Text' Options for all your Bot Messages and Responses:

With the text box below, you can modify and apply changes to the text itself. This page gives a quick explanation of it's functionalities

  • The first box is all the typographical emphasis you can apply to the selected text. The currently available options are:
    •  Bold
    •  Italic
    •  Underline
    •  Strikethrough
    • Monospace
    • Superscript and subscript

  • The second feature you can modify is the ‘Block type’. You can change the text size or apply a specific type of text (like code). ‘Normal’ is the default option. The different options are the 6 text sizes that can be used in HTML: H1 will display very large text, and H6 will display small text. You can also use ‘Blockquote’ to add a block before the actual text or ‘Code’ to make it look like code. Note that the option selected will be applied to the entire block.

  • The ‘Color picker’ allows you to choose the color of the text or the highlight. 27 colors are currently available.

  • With the ‘Emoji’ feature, you can illustrate your text with one of our 130 emoji.

  • With the ‘Link’ option, you can make your message (or just the selected text) as a clickable link, that will open the specified URL in a new window or not, according to your preferences. Select the text and click the ‘Unlink’ icon to remove the link.

  • With the ‘Remove’ button, you can delete all the typographical emphasis (like bold, italic…) you applied to your text and go back to the default type of text. 

  • The last one is the button for adding ‘Step responses’. With this feature, you can re-use the answer the user gave to a specific question in the chat text. Alternatively (and more flexible) you can use Variables for that, read all about that here

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