The chat text Types:

For every message you add to your bot, you can select the type of message

  • The types of bot messages:

    1. Text
    2. Link
    3. Info
    4. Background
    5. Avatar 
    6. Image
    7. Video
    8. HTML (requires developer mode)
    9. Script (requires developer mode)
    10. Tracking Pixel (requires developer mode)

  1. Text: The default option is ‘Text’, which will provide regular text, that you can modify with the Text editor
  2. Link allows the message to be clickable. The link text will be the message the user will see, and the URL is the page he will be redirected to. 
  3. Info will notify the user that this message is information with a block like the one you can see here:
  4. Background: If you added multiple backgrounds on the ‘Landing page’ tab of your bot, like in the picture below, you can use the ‘Landing page background’ message type to choose in a list what the background image will be switched to for a specific chat message or response. These images can be added on Channels > Landing page.
  5. Avatar: you can add multiple Avatars to your bot if you want these to switch during the bot. Avatars can be added on Bot Settings > Avatars
  6. Image: To add an image to your bot, use this type! It will automatically have a zoom option and adding a link is optional. Gifs are allowed! 
  7. Video: You can add videos to your bot by using this option. All you need to do is to copy-paste the embed code to this field. (in YouTube you right-click on the video to get the embed code).
  8. HTML (requires developer mode): If you are familiar with HTML, you can use the ‘HTML’ type to write your messages. This option can also allow you to take actual text lines from the different language versions of your website to copy-paste them and add other languages to your bot. Here is a great example of using a GIF image!
  9. Script (requires developer mode)If you are familiar with JavaScript, you can use the ‘Script’ type. This Step type is for adding a JavaScript function that will be executed in the context of the web page on which the bot is embedded. Read more about that here
  10. Tracking Pixel (requires developer mode)you can add the tracking pixel code to be fired at any point in the conversation so that the conversion or any other custom event is properly tracked via, for example, Facebook:


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