Quriobot offers 7 different types of reporting, but before going into the different reporting types, some important tips:

  • Make sure you have the right filter settings: on the top left you can set the dates, sizes and data specifics of each report;
  • All reports have print options on the top right;
  • The data of your bot can be downloaded in the Results grid (download button on the top right);
  • Removal of (test) data is described here;
  • All reports can be shared externally, that is described here.

The reports

  • Summary: From the Dashboard and reporting section there's the quick overview and when expanded it shows you results per device type:

  • Progress: Shows statistics by time-period. You can see these results with line chart or bar chart, for exits, devices or overall.


  • Results grid: Details of each user session, you can download your results, delete the selected ones and search for a specific bot result. Read more about exporting those results here
  • Contacts: You can see and download contacts extracted from the bot responses.

    You can edit the contact details. For example, email, first and last name or phone number:

    You can see that contact's responses

  • Interactive: Allows you to see infographics for each question and follow and filter the results to dive deeper into your results. For instance: See only the results of the users that have selected a specific answer or how many dropped off


  • Drop-outs: Overview of all the drop-outs per Step of your bot. Find out which steps are the most difficult for your users

  • Location: Curious where all your visitors are coming from? use the location report for that!

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