When the response data is stored and the notifications and response actions are executed

Quriobot works differently than many other chat solutions: it is a mini-app for your user, which doesn’t depend on the permanent network connection.

Due to this design, the moment when the response data is available in the reporting, also when the notifications and response actions are executed might need some clarification.

Here’s the diagram of what happens and when:

Important note on the drop-outs: the response data is still stored even if the bot flow is not fully finished by the user, but the moment when this happens depends on the moment when the browser window or tab will be closed, or the user would navigate to the other page.

If the channel is instant messenger, the user has to still finish the bot flow in order to consider the response valid.

If the conversation with the bot is dropped by the respondent, for example, due to the closing of the browser or computer reboot, the response will be considered incomplete and will be available for the reporting and notifications and response actions after the chat expiration timeout, which is currently set to 15 min.

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