Chat transcripts and sending it to the user

To see what your user(s) did in your bot is now available in a very nice report we call the Chat transcript and can be found on the Results page (third in the dropdown when you select the Report option on the Dashboard or on the left of your preview/save button when editing a bot).

When you select one of those reports, highlighted in the red circle above, you will be lead to the page which shows you the chat-transcript:

You can now also automatically send this to the user. This, however, does require an email address so we configured it in such a way that when an email Step is added to your bot it will automatically detect that and send the transcript to that user! To enable this you have to go to the Notifications tab and add a response action of type Email and select Template type -> Respondent:

Note: How to add your own From address is described here.

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