Connect to WordPress (via WP webhooks plugin)

What if you want to create or posts via the bot? Or want to get a list of products in Woocommerce? It’s possible!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Install WP webhooks plugin to your WordPress website
  2. Add needed WP webhook action, for example, create_user:
    1. Copy the webhook URL
  3. Setup your bot (I started with the Contact template with first and last name split up)
  4. Create variable on those variable you want to send to WordPress (in this case just firstName, lastName and email, but you can always add morevariables):
  5. Create Response connection of type Form, use previously copied URL in the URL field, also note the action form body value has to be the same as the WP webhook action

Extra tips:

  • You can use this technique with WooCommerce to populate the billing section for each user as well.

  • ┬áIt will require the pro version which will allow you to enter user metadata. The following are the WooCommerce sections for each user via user_meta field:








  • Always remember and adhere to theGDPR and always explain your purpose for storing personal information and it’s always good practice to have a double-opt-in for signing up by sending a verification email, that way you always have a legitimate email address

  • Don’t want every response to fire the webhook, for a very exotic example, those people whose email address or name start with a ‘Q’ all you have to do is add an advanced condition!

  • You can set as many Response connections as you like!

    Please note they will not always be executed in the order you created them.

Please read more about the awesome WP Webhooks plugin and Quriobot here.

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