Connect to Integromat (Zapier alternative)

Connecting to Zapier is described on this page, but there are, of course, many alternatives to Zapier. Some are even cheaper like Integromat(still free up to 1.000 connections per month)! The best thing is? it’s very easy to connect to them.

Just create your bot with the needed variables and in Integromat create a new scenario with a webhook connection plus you’re required to follow up connection (like Google sheets for example) and the only thing left is to copy-paste the webhook URL in Quriobot and off you go!

Step 1: Create your Integromat account and create a new Scenario

Step 2: In Integromat add a webhook connection as the first step and in this example we’ll use Google sheets as your second step

Step 3: Configuring your Webhook ( Custom webhook > select: My gateway-webhook webhook) and that will show you the webhook-URL you will need to add to Quriobot in the steps below

Step 4: For this example I choose Google Sheets' Add row option, the wizard will easily guide you through the connection process of connecting to your Google account and selecting the specific sheet you want to connect to. Once you have that set up, just click on the Run once button in the bottom left and let it wait for incoming webhooks!

Step 5: Set u p and run your Quriobot with a Response connection Integromat type (on the Connections & Notifications tab) and add your variables as required to the JSON body and, of course,  add the webhook URL you retrieved in Step 3 of this page!

Step 6: Now return to Integromat to check if the webhook was triggered (you will see the little lightning rod, like in the image below) and select the values it received to use in your (in this case) Google Sheet connection by clicking on the text field and selecting the right variables.

Note: Make sure you finished your Quriobot all the way to the end of the bot as only then are the response connections triggered.

Results: Run the Integromat scernario and your Quriobot again after you have selected the right variables and you will see the results in you Google Sheet!

Date step type answers format

If you use date step type answers in the Integromat payload, for easier parsing of the date you can use the ‘value’ Variable syntax:


This way it will be in ISO date format which is parsed in a stable way.

But what if I need to get the response FROM the Integromat?

This is possible as well!

You can use Webhook Response Module:

then, you can, using the Script Variables, call the Integromat webhook and use its response in the chat texts, responses, and response connections using the approach described here.

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