Connect Quriobot to Zoho CRM

Sending your collected leads from Quriobot to Zoho is easy! All you need to do is create a form in Zoho CRM and connect that data to your Quriobot’s Response connection Form type and here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Create and/ or login to your Zoho account here.

Step 2: Create a webform in Zoho via Settings > Webforms (in this case for leads):

Step 3: Add variables to your Zoho form.

-Last name is mandatory and in this example only Email was added.

Note: On the next page you will need to add the Form location URL, which can be ‘*’ and the Landing page URL, which can be any website, since we will not post this form anywhere as the Quriobot will be its replacement.

Step 4: Copy paste the embed code to Notepad

Step 5: Create or open your bot with which you want to send your collected leads to Zoho. Make sure you have configured your Variables on the advanced taband set up your Response Connection Form type and copy-paste the following from the Zoho code snippet to your Quriobot:


-The names and values of the 4 variables within the <!-- Do not remove this code. –> area. In this example that’s xnQsjsdp, zc_gad, xmIwtLD and actionType- these are needed to connect the data to your Zoho account.

-The variables with the actual lead data, which in this example means Last Name and Email

Copy paste the values Into your Quriobot Respponse Connection Form type:

Results: Your lead data is sent straight to Zoho!

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