Connect Quriobot to Slack

Connect the results of Quriobot to the place where work happens! It’s easy!

We made connecting your Quriobot to Slack super easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Setup your bot (I started with the Contact template with first and last name split up)
  2. Create variable on those variables you want to send to MailChimp (in this case just firstName, lastName, and email, but you can always add morevariables):
  3. In Slack, you need to set up your incoming Webhook (you need the proper permission in Slack to be able to do this)
    1. Via Administration > Manage Apps > Custom integrations > Incoming Webhooks > Add configuration
    2. Create or select a Channel the messages will be sent to
    3. Copy the Webhook URL to use in the Quriobot Control Room:
    4. Copy and paste the Webhook URL and Channel name to the Quriobot Control Room and configure the message to be displayed in Slack:    
    5. And see your Quriobot results coming into Slack!
      Extra tips:
      • Always remember and adhere to theGDPR and always explain your purpose for storing personal information!

      • Slack offers all kinds of customizations of messages, more info can be foundhere.

      • Don’t want every result in your email campaign but only, for a very exotic example, those people who are using Gmail and whose isn’t Michael, all you have to do is add an advanced condition and the Response connection will only be triggered when the conditions validate:

      • You can set as many response connections as you like!

        Please note they will not always be executed in the order you created them.

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