Connect Quriobot to Salesforce

Howto: Retrieving leads with your Quriobot and adding them as Leads in Salesforce

Important: To add your leads from Quriobot you will need to enable the Web-to-Lead functionality in SalesForce. To set up the connection you don’t need to set up an actual page with the webform, you just need to enable the service in Salesforce and use the bot to emulate your webform.

Step 1: Configure your bot with the right Variables for lead data you want to send to Salesforce. This example uses the Lead Retrieval template from our Control Roomwith the {{Name}} variable split up in F irst_name and Last_name.

Step 2: Enable the Web-to-Lead functionality in Salesforce

-Go to the Setup page and then via Platform Tools > Feature Settings > Marketing > Web-to-Lead and then click on the Create Web-to-Lead button

Step 3: Configure the form:

-Select the data you want to collect in your Quriobot for your Lead generation

-Disable the reCAPTCHA (you can optionally enable this on the Advanced tab in your Quriobot Control Room)

-Click Generate at the bottom

Step 4: Copy-paste the webform to be able to copy-paste the URL and oid as well as the specific names of the Variables you want to connect. After copy-pasting this to Notepad, for example, you can click on the Finish button

Step 5: Enable the Web-to-Lead form. Click Edit to be able to check the box.

Step 6: Setting up the Quriobot Response connection for sending data to Salesforce

-Getting the right data from the webform: The URL where you want to POST to, your oid to connect your lead to the right Organization within Salesforce, and finally the different variable-names you want to be connected in between Quriobot and Salesforce.

-Create the right Variables on the Advanced tab within your Quriobot Control Room account (see Step 1 above) and add these to the Forms Response Connection on the Connections tab

Important: the Names should match the names from the code snippet (case sensitive) and the Variables should match the exact spelling from the Advanced tab (case sensitive)

Step 7: Results ! Test your Quriobot by finishing it all the way to the end (as only then will the Response connection be triggered) and find your results in the Salesforce lead list!

Note: If you cannot find the newly created Lead, please make sure that you are looking at all your leads as Salesforce tends to show only the latest viewed instead of all (you even may need to create this view)

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