Connect Quriobot to IFTTT

Connection Quriobot to the superbly cool Internet of Things connection platform IFTTT (IF This Than That). just follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to IFTTT and create a new Applet in ITFFF. Search and select Webhook(step 1/6).

Step 2: Choose to R eceive a Web request and name your incoming request ( qb_response_connection in this example):

Step 3: Choose your next ’ That’ step:

-in this example receiving a SMS was chosen, but this is of course fully up to you!

Step 4: Retrieve the JSON webhook URL and values that need to be added in your Quriobot Control Room

-Select the Applet from My Applets and click on Webhooks

-Click on Settings

  • Copy-paste the URL that is shown on that page in a new tab

Note: This is not the URL you will need in Quriobot

-The next page shows the actual webhook URL you need to use. Copy-paste this to a JSON Response Connection in your Quriobot Control Room

Note: Don’t forget to change {event} in the URL to your Event name (Step 2 - qb_response_connection in this example)

Step 5: Add the webhook URL and values to the JSON Response Connection on the Connections tab in the Quriobot Control Room:

-Choose JSON webhook

-Copy-paste the URL from the previous step

-Add Variables

Example values for your JSON body, this example assumes you have create three Variables on the Advanced tab {{Email}}, {{First_name}} and {{Last_name}} - which will be connected by the predefined IFTTT variables: value1, value2 and value3

  "value1": "{{Email}}",
  "value2": "{{First_name}}",
  "value3": "{{Last_name}}"

That’s it! You can now use Quriobot to turn on your Hue lights, Start your BMW, well.. go crazy basically!

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