Connect Quriobot to Hugo (for email campaign follow up of new registrations)

We already explained how you can add your signups to MailChimp but why not use Hugo (as it is cheaper!)

You basically follow the same logic as with MailChimp, but to walk you through the process, follow these steps:

Step 1: Setup your bot (easiest to use the Lead retrieval template as it already has your variable set up!

Step 2: If you choose a different template or want to use an already existing bot you need to create at least a Name and Email variable (please note that these are case sensitive)

Step 3: add your Hugo response type on the Connections tab(Scroll down in the drop-down list)

You then only need to add the Hugo list ID and in this case, change the Variables from {{Firstname}}{{Lastname}} to {{Name}}.

Step 4: To get the Hugo list ID you need to log in with your Hugo account ( and add select an existing Hugo Fanbase group (or create a new one) and click on Subscribe form:

You will then be presented with a pop-up from which you can retrieve the List ID value at the bottom of that code snippet. This list ID needs to be added to your Response connection in the Quriobot back officeΒ and then click Save.

Important: when testing a Response connection, always keep in mind that the Response connection is sent when your bot has finished and not before.

That’s it! You have now connected Quriobot to Hugo!

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