Connect Quriobot to Gist

Gist is quite a nice tool for gathering leads and including livechat, but if you want to use the 24-hour power of Quriobot and (email) campaigning power of Gist this is how to combine the two by retrieving leads via Quriobot and sending them to Gist automatically!

Step 1: Setting up your Gist account via and creating a form:

- Via Forms in the menu on the left > new form > n ext > Embedded > copy/paste that code to copy the URLand the needed fields (only email in this example) > Save and Exit

Step 2: Go to Quriobot and create a Response Connection (on the Connections tab) Forms type and add the copy/pasted variables and connect them to the created Variables on the Advanced tab

Result: To see your results, finish the bot all the way to the Exit (as only then are the Response Connections triggered):

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