Connect Quriobot to Freshsales

Do you want Quriobot to generate sales on your Freshsales? We support that!!

We’ll make use of the Quriobot Response Connections, bot variables, and Freshsales API.

The demonstration you can watch here:

  1. Log in to your Quriobot account, select your bot and do to the Connections & Notifications tab -> Response connections and add Response Action and select Freshsales in the dropdownfor the Response action types:
  2. Insert such URL in into theURL field:, where the DOMAIN has to be replaced with your own Freshsales subdomain name
  3. Add a Header, in theName field, put Authorization, in the Value add Token token= TOKEN, where TOKEN is:
    • Login to your Freshsalesportal, Click your Profile picture, and select Settings.

    • Click the API settings tab.

    • You can find the API key provided to you in the field Your API key. Click Copy to copy the key to your clipboard.

  4. See the bottom of this page on how to use your ownVariables in the JSON body, but just adding the following is enough for this test and click S ave!
    1. {
          "lead": {
              "first_name": "{{firstName}}",
              "last_name": "{{lastName}}",
              "mobile_number": "{{phoneNumber}}",
              "email": "{{email}}"
  5. Go to theBot settings tab -> Variables, add such variables:
    1. name:email, type: Step, select a corresponding step for the lead email address
    2. name:firstName,  type: Step, select a corresponding step for the lead first name
    3. name:lastName,  type: Step, select a corresponding step for the lead last name
    4. name:phoneNumber,  type: Step, select a corresponding step for the lead phone number
  6. You can add more variables and put them in the JSON to send additional fields to Freshsales

That’s it! Have fun connecting Quriobot to Freshsales!

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