Connect Quriobot to Drip Ecommerce CRM to collect leads

To connect your Quriobot to the colorful solution of Drip Ecommerce CRM just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create your Dripaccountย and create an Embedded Form:

****Step 2: Copy-paste the following elements to your Quriobot Response Connection Forms type: the URL, the data-drip-embedded-form and the names fields your created (in this example only Email) which need to be connected to your created variables on the A dvanced tab:

Result: After running completing your bot which should have at least an Email step you will see your collected lead in the Drip system!

Note: When testing your connection please be aware that if you have double opt-in enabled (default) that email addresses need to be verified before showing up in your Drip account

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