Connect Quriobot to ActiveCampaign

This page describes how to connect your Quriobot to your ActiveCampaign account for retrieving leads via Quriobot and adding them to your lists in ActiveCampaign!

In short, all you need to create is a Form, which is connected to a list in ActiveCampaign, copy-paste a few details from the embed code of that form to a Response Connection Form type in Quriobot!

Step 1: Create a form in ActiveCampaign

Step 2: Get the embed code to copy paste some details to your Response Connect Form type in Quriobot

You will need to copy-paste the URL (where your data will be posted), the ’ f’ (and its value), the ’ act’ (and its value), the ’ fullname’ and ’ email’ to Quriobot

Note: In this example I only used Email and the Fullname field in the form, if you choose to add more fields you will also need to copy-paste those to your Response Connection form

Step 3: Fill your Response Connection Form type in Quriobot with the data shown above

Note: you will notice that for fullname and email I used variables( {{Name}} and {{Email}}) as these need to come from your Quriobot.

Result: After saving and running your Quriobot you will be able to add leads to your ActiveCampaign account!

Note: Newly added email addresses need to be verified before they will show up in your list in ActiveCampaign

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