Connect Quriobot to your Twitter Account

To connect your bot to your Twitter Account(s):

Step 0: Upgrade to Business Plus plan or higher:

Step 1: Create a bot, SAVE IT.

Step 2: Go to the Channels tab -> Instant messengers.

Step 3: In the same browser, open and select the needed Twitter account, if you have added multiple, or log in to the needed account.

Step 4: Click on Add new channel of type Twitter and click Next.

Step 5: Authorize the Quriobot Control Room app in the Twitter Authentication popup.

Step 5: Each bot on Twitter can have up to 5 Menu items. These menu items allow the user to switch to a live chat conversation or to Finish and (re)Start an automated Quriobot chat conversation or just an arbitrary URL that you want to put in. Start menu items will appear also in the Welcome message (Get started message) when the user interacts with the Twitter Account in DM for the first time.

Note: We have added some default texts to these items, but these can be changed, removed, or reordered:

For example, an arbitrary URL menu item:

You also need to configure the Twitter account to accept DMs from all accounts in order to allow for the customer support use case, but this is optional.

You can also set up comment triggers so that the bot will automatically publicly reply to @mention of your Account on Twitter (once per new contact), like the reply, and send the DM to that user who @mentioned your Account.

That’s it! You have now connected your bot to your Twitter Account!

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