Adding Quriobot to your Verified LINE Official Account

To connect your bot to your Verified Line account(s):

Step 0: Set up a Verified LINE Official Account.

Step 1: Create a channel on the LINE Developers Console

Step 2: Create a bot, SAVE IT.

Step 3: Go to the Channels tab -> Instant messengers

Step 4: Click on Add new channel of type Line and click Next

Step 5: Set additional settings:

Bot basic ID, Channel ID, Channel secret, Channel access token can be found on your Line Channel’s settings page (Basic settings and Channel settings):

Step 5:Each bot on Line can have up to 10 Menu items. These menu items allow the user to switch to a live chat conversation or to Finish and (re)Start an automated Quriobot chat conversation, or just an arbitrary URL that you want to put in. Those items are accessible either via the hamburger menu in the Line app or via the special text command: /qb

Note: We have added some default texts to these items, but these can be changed, removed or reordered:

For example, an arbitrary URL menu item:

Step 6: Save the channel in the Quriobot Control Room

Step 7:

You also need to configure the Quriobot to be the receiver of your Line messages on the Line channel:

Make sure that Use webhook is ENABLED:

You’ll need to put the Webhook URL value visible on the Channel Edit Page in the Quriobot Control Room:

That’s it! You have now connected your bot to your Verified Official Line Account!

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