Connect Quriobot to your brand's Google Business Messages

You can connect your bot to your brand’s Google Business Message so your clients can use the Chat functionality in the Google Search and Google Maps search results.

To connect your bot to your brand’s Google Business Messages, please follow the steps:

Step 1. Create a bot, SAVE IT

Step 2. Go to the Channels tab -> Instant Messengers

Step 3. Click on Add new channel of type Google Business Messages and click Next


Step 4. Authorize Control Room to access your Google My Business Account. Select a Google Account that has admin access to your Google My Business Account

Step 5. Set additional settings

Select your brand’s Google My Business Account


Select the location of that Account


Step 6. Each bot on Google Business Messages can have up to 5 Menu items.

These menu items allow the user to switch to a live chat conversation or Finish and (re)Start an automated Quriobot chat conversation, or just an arbitrary URL you want to put in. Those items are accessible via either the Get Started menu or via the special text command: /qb

Note: we have added some default texts to these items, but these can be changed, removed, or reordered:


Step 7. Click Save

Step 8. Test the bot using the test URLs that will appear after saving:


Note that due to GBM limitations, it’s only possible to test the conversation using the mobile device, so you’d need to copy the test URL to your device and test the conversation there

Step 7. Once done with the testing, click to Launch the channel

Note that after the launch, most of the settings cannot be changed, so you’d need to first Un-launch the channel to change the channel settings, then Launch it again

That’s it! You have now connected your bot to your brand’s Google Business Messages!

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