Use your automated bot as follow-up of people clicking your Facebook ad

How about creating Facebook advertisements and when people click your ad, Facebook Messenger pops up and starts an automated chat with you based on that ad? Pretty cool idea right? But you know what? Also very easy to do with Quriobot!

Just create your bot, publish it to your Facebook page, create a Facebook as and use the link we show in the Control Room as the Website URL to promote your add-on! As simple as that!

Step 1: Create your Quriobot

Step 2: Publish that on your Facebook Page (link), and copy the link that is shown in the settings of this publication. 

Step 3: Create your Facebook Ad and paste the link of Step 2 in that ad

Result: That’s it, that’s all there is to it to have a Facebook ad with an automated Messenger as follow up for people clicking your ad!

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