Sending One-time Notification via Messenger of your Facebook page

One-time notification is a great way of making sure your bot respondent is notified of the important events: product arrival, campaign start time, voucher validity, etc. It’s also important to note that one-time notification is allowed to be sent outside of the standard 24h time window (currently up to one year).

Pages interested in using one-time notifications need to apply for the “One-Time Notification” permission within the “Advanced Messaging” section of Page Settings. The page will need to agree to the beta terms and will be granted permission if the page meets Facebook criteria.

In order to send such a notification, the user has to explicitly allow the notification before the bot can send it.

To set it up, enable the one-time notification in the corresponding bot step response:

Then add the request title:

set the confirmation text, sent when the user allows being notified:

set the time when the notification will be sent, this can be specified either directly by setting the date and time, or by delaying from the current date and time:

Enter the notification chat text:

You’re all set by then!

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