Getting an error about bot the policy violations

If you’re getting notified about such error with your bot on Facebook:

Error that was reported: (#2022) People have been reporting content that your Page is sending. Out of the interest of our users, your Page has been blocked from sending messages via the Messenger Platform. This block may persist for 24 hours. If you believe this was in error, appeal here:

This maybe due to some users report the content sent/provided by the bot.

Please check and make sure you comply with the Facebook platform policy

Policy Violation Notifications

Any time a Page is restricted from sending messages for Platform Policy reasons, the page will receive an explanation of the Policy violation in an email sent to the Page Support Inbox for the app. To ask questions about a policy violation notification, respond to this email, and one our Policy team members may respond.

To access the Page Support Inbox, click ‘Page Support Inbox’ in the left sidebar of your Page settings:

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