FB Messenger Channel limitations due to FB Messenger API Updates for Europe

Facebook has introduced some limitations to the functionality available for the Facebook bots using the FB Messenger API which we use for the Quriobot Facebook Channels.

You can learn more about the exact limitations:


Here are the workarounds/limitations we had to apply for the pages falling into as ‘From EU’ scope:

- contacts extracted via Facebook won’t have avatars

- persistent menu uses text commands ( /qb ) instead of the persistent menu item titles you use in the channel configuration screen

- file-based chat text types will be rendered as links to the files and not as in-chat attachments

- file upload step type will not work or limited to images - as per Facebook, it should not work at all, but in our testing it still does - we’ll keep an eye on it and fix it accordingly when needed

- multiple image and multiple-choice steps might not be rendered correctly on the web, according to Facebook, but they continue working in our testing - we’ll keep an eye on it and fix it accordingly when needed

In general, we’ll continue to actively monitor the changes Facebook is applying and fix the platform as needed, so we’re sorry for the temporary inconveniences during the deployment of the fixes!

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