Landing page on your own custom domain

Adding the landing page to your own custom domain is now possible!

Important: it requires access to your website’s DNS settings to make it work.

So let’s say you are the proud owner of the following domain: and would like to have a nice Quriobot accessible via¬†These are the steps you need to take to make that possible.

Step 1: Add the domain you want your bot to be available from on the Domains tab on the Organization Settings page, and click New.

After you click save, you need to add the verification DNS records ( CNAME records) to the DNS settings of the domain you want to connect it to. The needed records will appear after a while when the status of the domain will become Created.

This has to be configured via the interface of your hosting provider:

Important note: The main domain name is also added in this example as well, but please be aware that, unfortunately, not all DNS tools will automatically strip that from your DNS record as officially it should only be the name of your subdomain (which is an example in the example above).

Another important note: Only after you have added these records to the DNS can you successfully add the domain. This is to prove you have the right ownership of that domain and is needed for the DNS so it knows where to find the requested page.

Note: Although each hosting provider will have a different interface it will most likely consist of the following three elements: 1. The record name(on the left) 2. the record type and 3. the Record value (on the right)

After you have added a verification CNAME record to your DNS, give it some time to propagate the records, then refresh the list of domains until the status of the domain becomes Verified and the Deployment DNS record appears:

You will need to add that record to your DNS settings as well.

After your domain becomes Deployed you can add the custom domain to your account.

Note: Please keep in mind that it can take some time¬†between adding the DNS records and clicking save, as it can take a little while for those DNS settings are ‘known’ everywhere,

Step 2: Create a bot(but I am guessing you already did that)

Step 3: Select the domain from the drop-down you want to connect it to on the Landing page tab

That’s it, the bot is now accessible via your!

I cannot verify my custom domain and my DNS provider is Cloudflare

The reason for this is most likely that you have the CNAME flattering settings enabled. You’d need to disable it in order to verify the domain:

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