How to publish your Quriobot (on your own site, standalone, sub-domain and Facebook Messenger)

There are multiple methods of publishing your bot supported:

  1. By Embedding your Quriobot on your own site.
  2. Via a standalone Landing Page
  3. Via a custom domain on a sub-domain of your website ( - read all about that here
  4. Via Facebook Messenger- read all about that here

1. Embedding the bot on your own website

To embed your Quriobot on your own site you’ll need to access the code in the Channels > Embed section in the Control Room and paste that code at the header of your HTML page just before the closingtag and your bot will be available on your page!


If your website enforces Subresource Integrity (SRI) via a Content Security Policy (CSP), use the following embed code page section:



Try it out on your website. You can try out the bot on your website without making the bot visible to everyone.

Click Preview on your website.

Put the address for your own website in the address bar. Click on the Arrow or Enter and see your bot in action on any website!

Important: You have to disable HSTS security settings that are present in your browser before previewing bot on your website.

Example for Google Chrome:

Search for chrome://net-internals/#hsts in your address bar.

Scroll down to Delete domain security policies enter the and in the and simply press the Delete button.

You also find the Embed Snippet here. This is used to preview your QB on a site without deploying it. To use this, access your browser console ( Ctrl + Shift + i in Google Chrome) and paste the Embed Snippet here and press Enter.

You can also add Quriobot to your website by using Google Tag Manager, adding Quriobot to GTM will then give you control on when and where to launch Quriobot. UsingGoogle Tag Manager keeps your code clean and very manageable for any future changes (without having to change your HTML code)

One important limitation of using it is that adblockers often block GTM and so your bot will not be present for some users

Content security policy

If your website uses a Content Security Policy header, you’d need to add those rules in order to embed Quriobot:







AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

To embed the bot on the AMP pages, please use the following section of the bot embed code page:

As you can see, there are 2 parts of the code that you need to put into theandtags accordingly.

Please also note that as AMP is a restricted environment, the behavior of the soft-start is different from the standard web pages.

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