How to embed your bot via Google Tag Manager

This page explains how to add Quriobot to your website by using Google Tag Manager, how to add the Quriobot embed code straight to your HTML page is explained here.

By adding Quriobot to your website by using Google Tag Manager you keep your code clean and very manageable for any future changes (without having to change your HTML code). How to add Google Tag Manager is described here.

So how to add Quriobot to Google Tag Manager? Just follow this very five-step guide:

1. Add a new tag:

2. make it a Custom HTML tag:

3. Add our embed code(the code snippet you find on the Channels > Embed section in the Control room.

IMPORTANT: remove the integrity attribute from the Embed code as GTM doesn’t support SRI.

4. Make sure the tag is triggered on the right pages

5. Publish your GTM settingsand you now have Quriobot on your website.

Note: If you are using a service like Squarespace, Magento, or WordPress you can of course also use our awesome Quriobot. Just search for adding external services to your website and you should be good to go. Also here we advise you to add GTM to your website and then add our Quriobot to GTM as it is so much more flexible!. Every CMS has easy plugins to add GTM (check for example Squarespace, Magento, WordPress)

Extra tip: It usually takes a bit of time for changes to be live in GTM on your page. And always good to use the preview mode of GTM (top right you find the button in GTM) and go to your page to see which tags are and which aren’t launched on your page (or if GTM is properly added to your page as well).

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