Add your Quriobot landing page to an iFrame or Mobile app


For this, you need to add your Landing page URL (without the ‘?mode=preview’ part) as the source of the iFrame and you’re ready to go!

Note: it will not work if you use the Embed code.

Example code - this you will need to add to your HTML page:

<iframe src="" width="500px" height="500px" style="float:left"></iframe>

Whereas asdfasdf/gMnyjZrgaGbdv40x has to be replaced with your bot’s path that is provided in the channels -> embed page.

Mobile app

For this, you need to add your Landing page URL as the source for the WebView that you add to your app.

If you’d like to provide additional context to the bot, you can then use custom HTML for the WebView, where you use

Bot Embed Code and provide additional context via the window variables: Can I control the bot programmatically?

Extra (visual) tip: make the bot input fields as wide as the frame itself by using the full-width position in the Bot settings -> Design settings -> Bot position:

Or to make the bot background transparent, use Channels -> Landing page - > Background color:

You can also disable the sticky avatar for the bot, Bot settings -> Design settings -> Show sticky avatar:

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