Transcribe live chat audio attachments with OpenAI

You can automatically transcribe live chat audio attachments via OpenAI.

This can be useful if your company has a VOIP customer support phone number. As most VOIP providers support forwarding the voicemail via email, you can set up such forwarding to the incoming support email address, which is connected to the live chat incoming email address of your organization within the Control Room

Step 1. Add and set up the OpenAI integration.

Navigate to the organization integrations section:

Add the OpenAI integration:

Step 2. Open the Organization Settings -> Live chat

Scroll to attachment settings, and enable Automatic audio transcription:

Select the previously configured integration.

That’s it!

For all new live chat messages, for each audio attachment, there will be a transcript available:

Note that if you have the chat translation mode set to automatic, the audio attachments transcripts will be translated as well.

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