Live chat automation

Using the live chat automation rules, you can set up various kinds of actions based on the needed rules.

The automation rules and their corresponding actions are set via Organization -> Organization Settings -> Live Chat -> Automation:

Each rule has those main attributes:

  • Trigger type (Chat created, Chat closed, etc)
  • Condition (Chat is spam, Chat Subject, etc)
  • Actions

Each rule action can be of various types:

  • Set the organization’s global agent status
  • Assign the chat
  • Close the chat
  • Send an email
  • Submit a form via HTTP POST
  • Forward the chat
  • Insert a row into the Google Spreadsheet document
  • Call Integromat webhook
  • Call JSON webhook
  • Mark chat as spam
  • Reopen the chat
  • Call Slack webhook
  • Unmark chat as spam
  • Call Zapier webhook

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