Human takeover of the QB conversation via live chat?

We built Quriobot with the idea that it will work 24/7 for you, without the need for a human takeover. But sometimes, you still want a fallback for your bot respondent so that the complex requests can be handled by a real human. There are several ways of implementing such a fallback:

  • Native live chat
  • Custom live chat
  • External chat service

Native live chat

Steps to take in order to set up the native live chat mode for your bot:

  1. At the bot step, where you’d like the conversation to switch to the live chat mode, add a response with the next target as such:
  1. If you’d like to show the live chat switch to the respondent at all times while the conversation is active, enable the live native chat mode for the bot:
  1. The list of chats is accessible via the menu:
  1. You can set up the offline (Email) mode of the chats by setting up the email address for your incoming support email address, which should be set as a default From email address in the Organization settings -> Email:

Then, the emails sent to this address will create chats automatically.

Also, the new chats will be switched to the offline(email) mode if the email address is known.

You can choose the support languages and the system bot messages in the Organization -> Live chat settings page

You can also enable automatic live chat creation from the bot chat responses:

This allows the offline follow-up for the bot chat conversation via email without leaving the Control Room.

Note that in order to receive the responses via email, you need to set up the incoming email forwarding as described above.

Automated (system) messages to the live chats are sent during those events:

  • chat created
  • chat closed
  • chat reopened
  • an agent joined the chat
  • an agent left the chat

The messages can be customized both on the bot level:

And the organization level, via Organisation Settings -> Live Chat:

In order to have a bot jump logic based on the currently available agents (those that have online or invisible status), you can use onlineAgentCount system bot variable in combination with the Goto step.

Custom live chat

If you use the other service for the live chat, you can seamlessly integrate it with the Quriobot’s bot using the custom live chat setting:

Note the script setting that you’d need to fill out in order to call the external chat service Javascript API to open the chat widget. For the automation of the live chat agents' availability for the custom live chat implementation, there’s a special bot variable onlineAgentCountCustom that you can implement in order to have a dynamic check for the agents' availability. That variable should return the number of the agents currently online. If the number is bigger than 0, the live chat button will be visible.

External chat service Connect Quriobot to external Chat services or you use a solution like switching.

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