Using both Quriobot and Zendesk Widget

So, although we have a live chat option in Quriobot you can use the best of both worlds!

Meaning that you use Quriobot to start your Zendesk Widget if a user wants to talk to a live person and switch back once that conversation is over!

Pretty cool, right? So here is the demo of Quriobot using Zendesk Widget as a fallback for the live chat:

The live demo is located here

Step 0: In this explanation, I already assume you have a Quriobot running on your website.

Step 1: Include the Zendesk installation code in your website:

<!-- Start of quriobot Zendesk Widget script -->
<script id="ze-snippet" src=""> </script>

Add this script AFTER the widget script:

zE('webWidget', 'hide');
zE('webWidget:on', 'close', function() {

Step 2:  We will make use of the Script Chat Text, Zendesk Widget Launcher JS API and Variables to pre-fill and open the widget:

function() {
  zE('webWidget', 'identify', {
    name: '{{firstName}} {{lastName}}',
    email: '{{email}}',
    organization: '{{organisation}}'
    zE('webWidget', 'show');
    zE('webWidget', 'open');
  }, 1000)

Note: we’re using {{fir stName}}, {{lastName}}, {{email}} and {{organisation}}Bot variables to indentify the user.

That’s it! If you add this as a response to an answer option, for example, you will open the Zendesk Widget chat and hide Quriobot. Closing Zendesk Widget will make Quriobot reappear!


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