Special tricks for publishing QB via Google Tag Manager

Maybe you already are publishing our Quriobot via Google Tag Manager but here we share some real next-level implementation methods for Google Tag Manager!

Note, that most of those tricks are not necessary as we support trigger conditions so you can have great flexibility when and where to show your bot.

Note: most of these examples are not for the faint-hearted, they require development skills (and most likely lots of trial and error..)

We won’t steal the credit of those awesome people who spend night and day working on the best way to fire your specific tags (and our Quriobot of course), so to directly link to them:

Very thorough explanation of how triggers work and should (not) be used +

-Fire your tag on certain domains only

-Fire only on Mobile or Desktop

-Blocking days or timeframes



Launch the bot on certain Click events:


Timed triggers



AB-testing different setups


Common mistakes :

Working a lot with Google Tag Manager? Then you probably already know all this but just to be sure:



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