How to trigger Quriobot conditionally

Sometimes you only need Quriobot to be triggered only on a certain page, time-based schedule, device type, not triggered on certain IP addresses, etc.

You can use a trigger condition to build a trigger condition which suits you:

the condition builder works the same way as the advanced conditions for the Bot responses.

Supported parameters are:

  • Day of the month, number (Organization time zone)
  • Day of the week, number, 1-7, 1 - Sunday (Organization time zone)
  • Device type (mobile, desktop, tablet, other)
  • IP address
  • Location - Continent code
  • Location - Country code
  • Location - State code
  • Location - City
  • Month, number (Organization time zone)
  • Page hostname
  • Page path
  • Page URL
  • Referrer
  • Time of day, HH:MM (Organization time zone)
  • The visitor is returning (yes/no)
  • Visit count (number)

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