Book a meeting via Calendly and Quriobot

Those awesome guys at Calendly build something truly great: you connect your own agenda and unleash it to the web so anyone can book a meeting straight into your agenda!

So how about combining Calendly and Quriobot and book it straight via Quriobot? Ok!

So what we will do is create an easy bot template that will ask for a person’s name and email address, connect and set up your calendar in Calendly and combine forces!

Step 1: Create a bot asking for a name (Short text Step) and email address (Email Step) - you can use the Contact template for example.

Step 2: Add those two steps to Variables(and remember that the variable names are case sensitive):

Step 3: [External] Connect and set up your calendar in Calendly via (it’s free)

Step 4: Add an HTML chat type to enables Quriobot to show your Calendly!

Example code (this is where your Variables are added):

<p style="display: none">1</p>
<div style="border-radius: 9px; overflow: hidden">
<iframe width="100%" height="600" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src="{{name}}&email={{email}}"></iframe>


That’s it!

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