Why can't I save my bot? [Please resolve all errors before saving]

Quriobot works with the logic that you can only save your progress when there are no issues pending; this way you are guaranteed a smooth working bot.

But sometimes you are absolutely sure that you did everything right but you still cannot save. This page will give you some quick tips on how to resolve those errors!

Our Control Room works with a two-staged warning message.

The first stage is the tab title that will turn red if there is an error on that tab:

Note: if your error is on a different tab than the one when clicking save you have to click save again after selecting that tab to highlight the error description

The second stage is the tab itself, the erroneous element will be highlighted in red, and normally that what is wrong is described in the element:

Once you have resolved this you can save your progress!

Please note: that sometimes the error is on a different tab than you are currently working on.

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