How to move, add, delete, change or copy Steps

We offer a bunch of templates for you to start your bot with, but what if you want something else? Here is some information to help you get your bot perfect!

Note: For the explanation below the Welcome bot template is used

Please note: the explanation below is based on the List view editor. If you are looking for this option when working with the Visual bot builder you need to click on the right side of the Step title:

1. Moving Steps

  • You can drag and drop your Steps by grabbing them on the left side:

2. Adding a Step:

This can be done in a couple of ways:

  • Adding a common Step type. This is done byclicking on one of the five common Step types (Multiple choice, Shorttext, Yes/no, Rating and Email) at the bottom. The new Step will then show up at the bottom of the Step type list.
  • Adding a specialStep type: same as the first but then you first click on the small arrow and then you can add new Steps
  • Copying a Step: this is explained below

3. Deleting a Step:

  • To remove a step you simply click on thethree dots on the right of each step and then click on the trashcan and confirm.

4. Changing a Step:

  • Tochange a Step type you can click on the three dots on the right of each Step and select the s witch icon. You can then choose the Step type you want in the dropdown.

    Note: the content of your Step will, where applicable, be retained when switching

5. Copying a Step:

  • Tocopy a Step you click on the three dots and select the copy icon and confirm

That’s it!

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